All of Daybrook’s fishmeal is processed using the application of our indirect drying process. Daybrook is the only fishmeal manufacturer in the United States using this advanced technology. Gentle drying is critical for the manufacture of highly digestible fishmeals. Protein has long been the standard for determining fishmeal value; however, protein is only a partial indication of quality. Sophisticated feed formulators know that digestible units of protein are the key to nutrition and the measure of value. Our primary customers purchase fishmeal from us on this basis.

Our suppliers exclusively use vessels with modern refrigerated cargo holds to deliver very fresh fish to the plant where they are processed immediately using a European engineered indirect drying system from Hetland Corporation. The Daybrook plant in Empire is typically the largest processor of menhaden of all the plants in the US. Daybrook has an on-site laboratory and is HACCP certified by GMP+ and NMFS.

Petfood Grade Menhaden Fishmeal (PF)

Daybrook Petfood Grade fishmeal is the premier quality menhaden fishmeal available with all natural antioxidants. The demand for naturally preserved protein and fat ingredients has grown significantly primarily driven by the petfood industry. We produce a fishmeal with high quality standards requiring fresh whole fish be processed at low temperatures and then we add 2000 ppm of a natural antioxidant to stabilize the finished meal. These two quality parameters allow us to guarantee a finished product with low TVN, histamine and other biogenic amines and that is high in digestibility while still providing a naturally preserved alternative.

Product Specifications (Click to Expand)

Petfood Grade Menhaden Fishmeal – Proximate Composition

Typical Range
Crude Protein (%) 62.7 Min 60 – 65
Fat (%) 11.1 Min 10 – 14
Moisture (%) 7.0 6 – 9
Ash (%) 19.9 17 – 22
Dilute Digestibility 92.0 90 – 95
TVN (mg/100g) 93 50 – 160 Max
Histamine (ppm) 50 50 – 250 Max

Daybrook LT Prime Fishmeal (Daybrook Gold)

Daybrook LT Prime Fishmeal is the premier quality menhaden meal available from the United States. It differs from commodity grade fishmeal because of high quality standards for the freshness of the raw material and the subsequent low temperature (LT) drying methods. These two quality parameters allow us to guarantee a finished product that is that is high in digestibility and low in TVN, histamine, and other biogenic amines. This translates into better feed acceptance and consumption and faster growth rates and better protein efficiency.

Product Specifications (Click to Expand)

Daybrook LT Prime Fishmeal – Proximate Composition

Typical Range
Crude Protein (%) 65.25 Min 64 – 66
Fat (%) 8.6 Min 7 – 10
Moisture (%) 8.12 6 – 10
Salt and Sand Combined 2.99 2 – 5 Max
TVN (mg/100g) 70 40 – 120
FFA (%) 6.35 3 – 10 Max
Histamine (ppm) 47 40 – 500 Max