Corporate Responsibility


Daybrook Fisheries is committed to being good stewards of the Menhaden Fishery, working with fishery management organizations and environmental regulatory agencies to protect and preserve our oceans and our natural resources.

Daybrook is committed to meeting the challenges of the ever-changing marketplace through research and development, responsiveness to our customers’ needs, and maintaining the highest quality standards.

At Daybrook, employee safety is our top priority. We are honored to regularly receive safety excellence awards for our outstanding track record. Daybrook recognizes that its employees are its most important asset and strives to empower each one with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Our suppliers’ vessels adhere to a strict code of conduct pursuant to all other vessels in the Gulf. Daybrook recognizes and embraces the importance of the recreational fishery to this region.

Daybrook Fisheries pledges to work with government and community leaders to promote economic development while maintaining the unique culture of the region and improving the quality of life for all its residents.