About Daybrook Fisheries

Producers of Omega-3-Rich Menhaden Fish Oil and Fishmeal

Daybrook Fisheries is a fully integrated operation, between our exclusive fish catch agreement with Westbank Fishing and our state-of-the-art shoreside facilities, processing menhaden into fishmeal and fish oil products. Menhaden, small oily fish, are migratory plankton surface-feeders that swim in large schools during the fishing season, which extends from mid-April to November 1.

Maintaining a viable and sustainable fishery is the cornerstone of Daybrook’s business philosophy. The Company operates within a highly regulated, sustainable fishery under the authority of the Gulf States Menhaden Management Plan, with federal oversight by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Typically, Daybrook is responsible for processing 35% to 40% of the annual U.S. Gulf Menhaden catch. Drawing its strength from a sustainable fishery, a global marketplace, and a diverse management team with extensive experience in the fishing industry and related agribusinesses, the Company has constantly reinvested in new technology to produce premium products.

Today, Daybrook’s science-based products – which are developed through a continuing extensive research and development program – are distributed globally, earning an exemplary reputation in the marketplace.

Daybrook Fisheries supports various community outreach programs and participates in trade, fishery, and environmental organizations, both internationally and in the Gulf region.


  • Processing Plant Capacity: 120 Tons of Raw Fish/Hour
  • Engineering
  • Technical Support
  • State-of-the-Art Laboratory
  • 20,000 Tons of Fish Oil Storage On-site
  • 20,000 Tons of Fishmeal Storage On-site
  • 12,000 Tons Fishmeal Storage Off-site in Memphis, TN
  • 8,000 Tons of Fish Oil Storage Off-site in Avondale, LA
  • Average Annual Production Targets:
    – 60,000 Tons of Fishmeal
    – 30,000 Tons of Fish Oil
  • Direct Truck, Container and Barge Loading
  • Certified Weigh Scales On-site
  • Rail Loading Available Off-site
  • Fishmeal Bagging Capabilities 25-kg, 50-lb, 1-Short-Ton, and 1-Metric-Ton Sacks
  • On Average, 360 Employees
  • IFFO-Certified Global Standard for Responsible Supply (Adheres to ISO65 Guidelines)
  • HACCP-Certified by GMP+ and NMFS (EU1069)
  • Kosher Certified
  • AQSIQ-Certified for the People’s Republic of China


  • $324.4 million in the State of Louisiana
  • $34.4 million in vendor purchases, 83.4% with Louisiana businesses
  • Direct job creation of over 400 jobs in Louisiana
  • Total job creation impact of over 1,250 in Louisiana