“A Near Perfect Fishery”

Louisiana Sportsman‘s Jerald Horst takes an interesting look at the Gulf menhaden fishery from the recreational perspective and finds that the industry is a “close to perfect fishery.”

Some biologists, though, have called the Gulf of Mexico menhaden fishery a near-perfect fishery. Factors of such a perfect commercial fishery would include:

• Low bycatch.
• A stable number of fishermen, without the big swings in numbers that often occur in commercial fisheries.
• The fishery would not be in competition with recreational fishermen for the fish.
• The number of fishermen in the fishery would be small enough to monitor their catch accurately.
• All parts of the fish would be used, with no backbones, skin, shells or other waste to discard.
• The fishery would be consistently profitable.

The most-difficult goal of these six elements to meet has been the last one — profitability — although recent years have been good to the fishery.

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